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Who We Are

Boy With a Ball teams launch into a city’s youth population to surround them with supportive mentoring relationships and small groups where they are equipped not only to reach their dreams but to turn and help the young people and families around them. The result is a grassroots youth, family and community development movement that is capable of transforming cities one young person, one family, one neighborhood and one community at a time. 

What We Do

Boy With a Ball (BWAB) is a community of people who want to help people. We are a collection of individuals who are passionate about compassion and who believe that relationship can change lives by helping people develop.

We exist to better cities by reaching young people and equipping them to be leaders capable of turning and transforming their communities.

BWAB was founded in San Antonio, Texas in 2001 as an innovative faith-based youth development organization staffed by a combination of educators, professionals, clergy, former gang members and people who had personal experience with the problems that compel young people to leave home, leave school, commit crimes and engage in high-risk behaviors. The organization expanded into San José, Costa Rica in 2004 and then launched into Nicaragua and relaunched into San Antonio, Texas in 2010. The organization's global offices were relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in July of 2013, while simultaneously launching the BWAB Atlanta team.


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